The New Face of the Old Guard

Bill Conway says he is running for Cook County state’s attorney to “get politics out of the state’s attorney’s office.” He has presented himself as the candidate “who doesn’t owe anyone anything except the people of our county.” Yet Conway’s entire campaign—his donors, his campaign officials, even his close family members—are deeply rooted in Chicago’s old guard.Continue reading “The New Face of the Old Guard”

Conway, The Dilettante

The position of state’s attorney is not simply a title for the privileged dabbler, nor a stepping stone to a higher-profile office for the politically ambitious—it’s an incredibly important management and policy position that requires considerable expertise. For Cook County, the second most populous county in the country, the role of state’s attorney requires aContinue reading “Conway, The Dilettante”

The Trust Fund Candidate

Bill Conway has not been straight with the public. He’s the son of a billionaire: William Conway Jr., net worth $3.5 billion, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, a $222 billion investment firm. However, throughout his campaign, Conway has gone to great lengths to publicly distance himself from that enormous wealth—even while privately reaping its benefits.Continue reading “The Trust Fund Candidate”